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Does designing your *very own* custom soap interest you? Do you have any soap-fanatics in your life? Or maybe you're just fond of great-smelling unique soaps? Well then my shop is perfect for you!

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This soap makes my skin feel amazing and smells great! Not to mention, the designs are super dope. :)

Jamie S.

Beautifully made custom soaps! I love the vanilla sprinkle cupcake and the fall leaf apple-pumkin scent. Will definitely order again! These are a great gift for anyone!

Kiarrah L.

These soaps smell so amazing and clean very well! My son absolutely loves the army men soap and I love the variety of scents! They make super awesome gifts for anyone!

Paige B.

Beautiful and creative products. The soaps I ordered are pretty and smell great.

Angie D.

About Us

Breana Weber,

Store Owner

Hello friends! I just wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. I've always been described as a creative person, and I've had a passion for art since I could finger-paint. I have had dreams of owning my own business since I was in middle school. I have a lot of ideas for soap to put out into the world, but I also understand that everyone has their own creative mind. That's why there is an option to work with me to make your very own custom soap!  :)

Why Choose Us?

Hand-made by me in Wisconsin, my soaps are unique for a variety or reasons. From the captivating designs to the heavenly scents my shop has much to offer. My soaps are natural and cruelty free, and I use the least amount of ingredients possible to still achieve a high quality product! I have endless ideas for soap shapes and designs to come, and at the current moment I offer 20 different scents in my shop. The most unique aspect of my shop is the option to work with me to create your very own custom soap bars! This option is great for those looking for something specific.